Legal Aid

Legal Aid may be available in some cases to help meet the costs of legal advice, representation in a Court or Tribunal, and taking part in family mediation.

You will usually need to show that:

We can help you get legal aid for:

Whether you qualify for legal aid will depend on the type of case and your financial circumstances.

What you need to bring to your legal advisor

You will need to give information about the following for both yourself and your partner:

In some cases you will also need to bring other evidence relating to your case – e.g.:

If you are eligible for legal aid you will need to tell your legal advisor promptly if any of your financial circumstances change.

Legal Aid rules are different in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Paying the costs of your case

Legal aid might not cover all the costs of your case. You may have to:

The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) will make a charge or a claim – known as the ‘Statutory Charge’ - on any money or property you win. If this is your home, payment can be deferred and the debt placed as a charge on your home (similar to a mortgage).

Your legal adviser will explain how this works.

If your legal aid is revoked (for example if you stopped giving us instructions without any reason, or you did not supply information required by Legal Aid Agency during your case), you may have to repay your full legal costs.

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