Wills, probate and powers of attorney

It is very important for everyone to make a will, but it something that is often put off by most people. By planning and making a will, you can be sure that your estate will pass to the person or people you choose. It also makes life easier for those left behind after your death, as they can be sure that they are following your wishes.

Most married people do not realise that their husband or wife will not automatically inherit everything they own from each other upon death if they die without leaving a will. Likewise, unmarried partners who live together do not automatically inherit each other’s property and belongings. Proper tax planning whilst making a will can also reduce the burden on those left behind, as it can avoid the unnecessary payment of inheritance tax upon death. For parents making a will, perhaps their most important consideration would be who you would wish to look after your children if you were to sadly die. We can assist you to explore all of these areas and our experienced staff will guide you through the process to ensure that your estate is taken care of as you would like.

Powers of attorney are also appropriate for a great number of clients, as they ensure that your wishes will be carried out if you became incapable of managing your own affairs in the future, for example as a result of an accident or illness etc. They can cover both your property and affairs and set out your wishes in relation to medical treatment etc and we would always consider whether it is advisable for you to make a power of attorney when making your will.

We also provide advice and assistance for relatives of people who have sadly become unable to manage their own affairs, but have not previously made a power of attorney.

At Wykes O’Donnell Williams we have a number of probate experts who can help executors and administrators obtain the necessary authority to deal with estates directly from the Probate Registry and assist in carrying out work to administer estates. We are also experienced at both bringing and defending contested claims against estates upon behalf of children, divorced partners, unmarried and same-sex partners. In the event that someone close to you has died without providing for you financially, as you may have expected, please contact us straight away for advice as there are strict time limits for bringing a claim.

We are happy to arrange home or hospital visits where it maybe difficult for clients to attend our offices.

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