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We offer a comprehensive personal face to face service for a fixed price, so you know before you start how much it will cost. This covers obtaining a divorce only and does not include resolution of financial or children issues. This fixed fee divorce service will suit most people where matters are straightforward. If a divorce is defended, or if there are significant disputes or your spouse files a cross-petition, we will still be able to represent you, but not on a fixed fee basis. We will discuss and agree with you how our fees are calculated before carrying out any work.

Under our fixed fee divorce our charges are 400 plus VAT (£480) if you are the Petitioner. The court fees are currently £550 which you would have to pay to the court in addition to our charges, but you may be entitled to a reduction, or even a total exemption, in respect of the Court fees which we will advise you about when we see you.

You will need your marriage certificate in order to begin proceedings. If you do not have this please let us know when you first contact us and we will tell you how you can get another one.

If you are the Respondent, we can represent you in relation to the divorce proceedings for £200 plus VAT (£240). Again, this is just for the divorce and not for financial or children issues.

Children or financial issues

If you have any issues relating to children, regarding residence, contact, etc, for example where the child will live and how often you will see them, we can still offer a fixed fee divorce. However any work we do relating to children or financial issues will be charged for separately. Usually, this is on a time spent basis at your solicitor’s hourly rate, but whenever possible fixed fees for other work can be agreed before starting work on your behalf.

We can assist you in resolving any financial matters, such as issues surrounding your home, maintenance, pension splitting or capital, if you are unable to come to an agreement with your spouse. We can also draft the necessary legal documents to protect your interests if you have reached an agreement.

Change of name deeds

We can prepare the necessary deed to change your name for a fixed fee of £95 plus VAT (£114). This includes two official certified copies. You will need the original deed or a certified copy to change your name on a passport or a driving license, etc. Additional copies are available at £2 per copy.


It is essential to consider making a new Will following any chance in circumstances, such as a divorce or separation, setting up home with a new partner or having children. We can review any existing Will with you and guide you through the process should you wish to make a new Will. If you want to make a will please telephone or email and we will give you an estimate of the price.

Moving to a new home

We offer a range of fixed-fee conveyancing services, so whether you are buying, selling or re-mortgaging your house, you can be sure that we offer a first class service at a competitive price. Please contact us for a quote. We also offer free storage of title deeds to your home (however we will charge a fee to retrieve them if you need them for a sale or purchase and choose not to instruct us to deal with this.)

Starting a new relationship

It may seem too early to consider a new relationship, but if you are planning to move in with a new partner or re-marry, we can assist you in protecting your assets and avoiding future problems by preparing co-habitation agreements or pre-nuptial agreements based on your individual circumstances.

Power of Attorney

If you are considering making a Power of Attorney to appoint a trusted friend or family member to manage your affairs should you become unable to do so, we offer a fixed fee service to include the drawing up of a Power of Attorney for both health and welfare matters (to enable someone to make decisions on your behalf about medical care) and property and finances (so decisions can be made about payment of bills, selling property and collecting income etc).

Before a Power of Attorney can be used on your behalf it needs to be registered at the Court of Protection. This can be done at the time it is drawn up, or at the time it is necessary for it to be used. We can arrange for the Power of Attorney to be registered for an additional fixed fee.

If you prefer the Power of Attorney be drawn up and registered at the same time, to avoid any later delays in being able to use it, we are able to discount our fixed fees by £50 plus VAT.

Employment Settlement Agreements (Compromise Agreements)

If your employment has come to an end, our experienced advisors can to provide you with advice about any potential claims against your employer (for example salary rights, breach of contractual terms, redundancy pay, payments in lieu of notice etc).

These matters can often be settled in a mutually agreed way by means of a legally binding Settlement Agreement, whereby the employer agrees to pay you a sum of money and you agree not to not bring an action through the Employment Tribunals or Courts.

We offer a fixed fee service for advising about the terms of a Settlement Agreement. Quite often, the employer will agree to pay your legal costs as part of the agreement.

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